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Nordic Crystal Diamond Table Lamp Night Light

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Looking for a romantic and dazzling way to light up your bedroom? Look no further than the Nordic Crystal Diamond Table Lamp!

😊 Intuitive Touch Control: Effortlessly adjust brightness levels with a simple touch for a personalized lighting experience.

💡 Adjustable Brightness: Tailor the lighting to suit your mood or activity, whether it's reading, relaxing, or setting the perfect ambiance.

🌈 Modern Design: Elevate your bedroom decor with a sleek and stylish lamp that adds a contemporary flair to your space.

đŸ’Ș Energy-Efficient LED: Enjoy bright illumination while saving energy and reducing your environmental footprint.

🔄 Flexible Placement: Compact and portable, this lamp fits seamlessly into any bedroom layout, offering versatile placement options.

🌟 Eye-Friendly Lighting: The LED technology provides soft, eye-friendly illumination, ideal for late-night reading or creating a calming atmosphere.

⚡ Convenient USB Charging: Charge your devices conveniently with the built-in USB port, ensuring your gadgets are always within reach.




Size: 8.46in high, 3.54in diameter
Voltage: less than or equal to 36V
Power: 1.5 W

Packing List:
1*Table Lamp
1*Data Cable
1*Remote Control

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